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Ask Kelley: Potty Training On-The-Go

Ask Kelley: Potty Training On-The-Go

It is time to go to the grocery store, off to work, my best friend’s wedding, YIKES! How do I keep my potty-trainer engaged while in the car? Unless you have one of those classic sports cars that have limited or no trunk space, you have a place to put your Potty Training To Go Bag.    
Stash this handy Potty Training To Go Bag in the trunk of your vehicle. Take it with you to the park, zoo, beach, really anywhere! You will be prepared for the unexpected “I need to potty”.  Honestly, in a pinch it works for adults too.
Potty Training To-Go Bag Contents:  

  • Large washable or disposable bag with a flat bottom.
  • Potty travel seat.
  • Disposable bottom wipes.
  • Disposable hand wipes (yes, these are different than bottom wipes!).
  • Lots of plastic bags for liners.
  • Lots of adult disposable gloves.
  • Lil ADVENTS Potty Time ADVENTures support tool.
  • Deodorant tabs. Toss a tab in the bottom of the basin (optional).

Choice of Potty Travel Seat
For most this will be a toddler sized potty travel seat with a catch basin. Lining the basin with a couple plastic bags makes for a quicker clean up. Plus, it fits nicely into the To Go Bag. However, you can get extravagant and purchase something that is not as portable. Such as, a marine toilet or a portable commode. On an exceptionally long trip, these can be very handy.
Remember to slide on your disposable gloves prior to tying up the liner and or disposing of the liner contents.  
On the Go Ideas
Line the child’s car seat with a potty pad. Also, great for lining the seat for an adult who is struggling with bladder control. You can also line the car set with a large toddler sized pull-up or an adult sized pull-up. Just undo the sides of the pull-up and place the outside of the pull-up along the seat with the inside of the pull up next to the child. These fit snugly into most car seats.

- Kelley
Roots and wings ~ my two favorite things to give our children!

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